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Stars Glamping Kuppelzelt, wenn die Villa zu einem Meer aus Lichtern wird!

ZST Villa located in the south edge of North Grassland, China. The scenic spot was opened in 2017, with good environment and new facilities. The villa covers an area of one hundred thousand mu. There is no wind or heat in summer, and there is a beautiful flower field. It is a summer resort.

There are 61 top shape and color tent guest rooms in the villa, from a distance, like a white yurt mountain on the grassland. Among them, there are dozens of Glamping-Geodätisches Kuppelzelt hotels, which are all unique Internet celebrity star glamping dome tent. Compared with the traditional inflatable bubble room, Stars Tent geodätisches Kuppelzelt adopts the assembly of steel structure and PVC cover, which can be used as a semi-permanent building. Every geodesic glamping dome tent has independent day lighting, under keep good visual enjoyment, also has a greater practical space, tent area 28 square meters, one meter of eight big bed room has a big bed, double bed room has two pieces of one meter two bed, the room also equipped with a complete set of complete wash gargle, convulsions, take a breath of life, cooling system, fearless in any weather conditions.

When night falls, the star glamping dome tent row is located on the same platform, the villa will become a sea of lights, the world of light. There is nothing more pleasant than lying in bed looking up at the stars, smelling the insects and counting the stars.