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Discover the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and elegance at Glamping de estrellas – a range of exquisite glamping tents offering a choice of 1 to 4 bedrooms tent design, tailored to suit your unique lifestyle and preferences.


Step into a world of sophistication as you explore our thoughtfully designed tiendas de safari, each meticulously crafted to create a seamless harmony between modernity and functionality. From cozy 1-bedroom retreats to spacious 4-bedroom havens, every residence at Glamping de estrellas exudes charm and character.


Each luxury glamping tents are offering something unique, the name of each tent comes from the stars.

Safari Tent – Vega Plus: A triangular entrance design, it can put one queen bed and some small furniture inside.

Safari Tent – Jupiter:  It is designed like a sailing with arch steel frame structure.

Safari Tent – Superstar: The classic wooden pole frame structure tent design for 1-2 people living.

Tienda Safari – Chalet: It is made by square wood pole frame structure, a special appearance experience.

Tienda Safari – Plutón: It was divided three space, one living room and two bedroom, suitable to staying for family members.

Every tienda de campaña de lujo comes fully equiped with shower, toilet and air conditioning/heating ting. Also it can put a telescope to watch the sky stars at night. When snow winter day, you can supply with the fireplace inside. This is the perfect getaway for two friends, lovers or even a perfect proposal spot.


These safari tents will bring more occupancy rates in your camp, making your guests have perfect luxury camping stay to take in nature and switch off. Choose Glamping de estrellas – a professional safari tents manufacture for your hotel resorts.