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Classic Indian Pyramid Glamping Tipi Tent For Outdoor Staying

The pyramid Safari Tent – Tipi that continues the Indian spirit has always been loved by the camping circle. The tipi tent launched by Stars Glamping has a unique retro atmosphere. The tent uses 6 slow-growing spruce trees as the overall support, with a natural appearance , The texture of each pole is unique and full of the charm of natural growth. The large beam surface is used between the internal brackets and the aluminum alloy accessories are used to fix it, which has higher reliability.

Stars Glamping use 100% waterproof canvas for covered the tipi tent, which it is stronger and durble. The entire tipi tent is 6.8 meters wide and 52.65 meters high, in a cone shape. There is an entrance porch with a zipper design on the front as an entry and exit tent. The design on both sides is particularly beautiful. Trapezoidal transparent PVC windows are added for lighting and viewing. The large field of vision allows you to enjoy the exclusive feeling of being in the green forest.

The glamping tipi tent is a open awning, It can used for restaurant or bar as glamping centre, which is very interesting and attractive. Two attachment points on each main pole, 12 fixtures prevent the mesh from spinning on the frame, maintain the stability of the tent in high wind conditions, and play a key role when it is changed or used in combination sexual effect.

The glamping tipi tent is simple in structure and can be set up quickly. In addition, it can be matched with tents of any size, using connecting rods or a combination of covered canvas and straps to play new styles and adapt to any different places and use.