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The Shaped Of Geo Dome Tent Hotel House Is Unique!

The shaped of the geo dome tent hotel house is unique, which become more and more popularity. There has twelve geodesic dome houses was built in South of China, named after the constellations of the stars. There are many tourist to visit it, where the views and dome are all attractive.

It is 6m diameter geo dome house, it can be equipped as a five-star outdoor luxury structure tent hotel with big bed, cloth, air conditioner, lighting, exquisite home, bathroom equipment, etc. Geo dome house structures aren’t as common as traditional event tents. In terms of design advantages, a geodesic tent creates the largest volume of interior space and shelter while requiring the least amount of surface area.

Moreover, geo dome are used in a wide range of applications. In addition to hotel accommodation, they can also be used as specialty restaurant, music event, movie projection and commercial exhibition. Their easy-to-assemble features and unique style make it no matter where it is used.

Our geo dome tent is not just about captivating appearance, the real beauty lies in its ingenious structures and designs. Coupled with the high-performance framework and covering materials we selected, the dome houses are able to withstand severe weather conditions. Lightweight, portable, beautiful, you can place our geodesic dome tents to the most remote and colorful glamping site!