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What Kind Of Experience To Staying At Dome Tent?

Nowadays, dome tent geodesic have become a popular trend, providing many unique outdoor accommodation options for scenic camps. And what kind of experience will the dome tent combined with the home stay create?

Stars Glamping, committed to creating a fashionable hotel environment, has built a glamping dome tent geodesic with a diameter of 6 meters in the camping scenic spot in northern China. The frame of the dome tent geodesic adopts Q235 high-strength and light-weight steel pipe, which is rust-proof, safe and stable, and easy to build.

A transparent skylight is designed above the hotel dome tent. The glamping dome tent geodesic under the stars, through the open transparent skylight to watch the stars and the moon, experience the fun of stargazing at night.

The interior of the dome tent geodesic has been warmly and comfortably furnished, equipped with high-grade wooden floors, curtains, thermal insulation cotton, seats, lamps, bedside tables and luxury beds, and can also be equipped with bathrooms, etc. Whether it is used as a theme restaurant, a characteristic farmhouse, a resort hotel, a jungle hut, a mountain villa, or a scenic home stay experience, the existence of the dome tent geodesic can become a beautiful landscape.


Advantages of Glamping Dome Tent:

1) Convenience, quick installation and dismantled, can be reused without approval.

2) The frame of the hotel dome tent adopts a structural design, which can easily realize the main and rich shape and meet various customization in the market.

3) The hotel dome tent has a stable structure, long service life, and standard wind resistance 80-100km//h, which can meet the use of grass, concrete, beach and other venues.